About Us

About Us

Who are we?

The Straight Child Foundation is a non-profit organization with the focus of advocacy and improved care for childhood deformities and disabilities.  Due to the high incidence in the society, we focus on Cerebral Palsy and Clubfoot.  We also hold holistic outreaches bearing in mind that good health is totalistic.

We work towards providing a quality life beyond limits for the special needs who lives with Cerebral Palsy, Clubfoot or any other childhood disabilities and deformities


Our Mission

We aim for a world where deformities, disabilities and challenges do not limit any child from attaining his/her God-given potentials. We hope to achieve this through improved knowledge, advocacy and training for children, particularly those living with perceived limitations including childhood disabilities like Cerebral Palsy, deformities like Clubfoot and other challenges whether physical, mental or social.

Our Vision

Every child can aspire towards the life beyond limits

Our Values


What We Do?

We are on course to solving these problems

Cerebral Palsy

For CP chairs, orthotics and mobility aids, other assistive devices.  We also plan to have an Ability Rehabilitation Center, providing multidisciplinary care to special needs children.


MiracleFeet supports us in the provision of Ponseti care for clubfoot children. However, many of the older children require assistance to have surgery as Ponseti is not fully effective in this group

Meet Our Team

The Team

Become A Volunteer

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